• Hi friends this months book review is on the book entitled Where The Crawdads Sing. let’s get right into our review. Where The Crawdads Sing The Review. In the book Where The Crawdads Sing The story follows a young girl named Kya. Kya lives in the marsh with her parents and a handful of siblings.… [Continue Reading]

    Where The Crawdads Sing (October book review).
  • Hi guys. Today my baby girl is 11 months old. Each month I’m am so proud of the little girl she’s turning into. Same time my heart aches so much for how fast time seems to be moving with zero interest in slowing down. My girl. Happy 11 months Ryloo. Riley’s monthly update. Riley is:… [Continue Reading]

    Riley’s monthly update (11 months).
  • Hi friends! Fall has been good to our little family. We have been on a handful of adventures lately. One being The Japanese Tea Garden. Located in San Francisco, CA the Japanese Tea Garden is not only known for its broad history but also the beautiful views it offers. Nestled in the heart of Golden… [Continue Reading]

    The Japanese Tea Garden.
  • Hi friends! Guess what today is? It’s Monday! Yes! No ordinary Monday tho today is my little blogs 5th birthday! Yep! We’re 5 years old today and I’m so excited. 5 years ago today I grabbed my lap top closed the bedroom door of my room & decide that it was time. Time to create… [Continue Reading]

    Our 5th birthday!
  • November 13 1989 the day I was born. On Sunday I’ll be 33 years old and wow it doesn’t even feel that way. Honestly some days if it weren’t for Riley crying or seeing Ivy and Aria’s homework laying around I would swear I was 16 again. I don’t feel (almost) 33. But I’m glad… [Continue Reading]